Shana Kroiz Jewelry is created by hand and inspired by the exploration of aquatic forms, celebration the sensuous nature of the human form. Kroiz's jewelry is designed to be worn creating Elegance with a bit of Edge.


How do I place an order?

Just add items to your cart and hit the checkout button! If you have any questions or special requests, email me and I will respond as quickly as possible.

When will my order ship?  

Most items ship within 3-5 days.  If it will be longer than this, I will let you know via email.  All items are handmade by me and are generally made to order for you.  Larger orders or certain pieces take a longer.  Let me know if you need something more urgently for a specific event and I will try to accommodate you.

What is your return policy?

While we certainly want you to be happy with your purchase, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will accept returns within 14 days of receiving the item. To arrange for a return, please call 410-499-7577. Once I receive the package back in satisfactory condition, you will be refunded the purchase price less the shipping costs.

Do you accept custom orders?

I am more than happy to work with you on a custom jewelry order. Just contact me  via phone or email to get started. Note that custom orders are NOT returnable.

What is electroforming? 

It is a process where metal is grown over a wax form, over several days creating a solid shell of silver or copper. In my work this allows for solid yet light weight forms which gives me the ability to make sculptural pieces that are both bold yet comfortable.

What is Keum-Boo? 

It is an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of  24k gold to silver. This is how I create patterns in gold and oxidized silver giving more interest and keeping the cost of gold down.

How do I care for my piece? 

Always remove your jewelry before swimming, sports, or when using harsh chemicals, applying beauty products, or entering extreme temperatures. Store sterling silver jewelry in an airtight plastic bag to avoid tarnish.

18k vermeil: This surface needs no polishing, if it does get dirty with hand lotions, just wash with soap and water and a soft toothbrush. If you ever have any problems with your vermeil surface, please return and I will re-vermeil as I stand behind the surfaces of all my work.

Oxidized surfaces: Do not clean or polish as this will remove oxidation. Over time oxidation will get removed on high spots to reveal the base silver or copper. Some clients love this natural evolution, but I am happy re-oxidize. To arrange for refinishing just call 410-499-7577 or contact me to arrange for shipping. The only charge is return shipping.

Silver: If your piece needs to be polished, use a dry rouge cloth on all highly polished areas, and a 3M scotchbrite pad on any matte or satin finishes. If you are uncomfortable doing by yourself  I am happy clean for you.. To arrange for cleaning just call 410-499-7577 or contact me to arrange for shipping. The only charge is return shipping.

Double Sided Earrings the best way to put these on is to put the front though ear hole like usual and when connecting the back bring the back half to the back of your ear lobe and feel for the indent in the rubber clutch. Once the post is centered in the divot, I recommend twisting the post into the back half of the earring. (Note: the14k post is bent on an angle on purpose, this is so the post remains in the center of the rubber backing). I recommend practicing a few times before you actually put in your ear. Once you get the hang of it, you will find these easier than any other earring catch. If it is tight, ad a touch of Vaseline for lubrication, though your natural oils will do this after a few wears. All my post are 14k white gold, which is very strong. If a post ever breaks I will repair, just call 410-499-7577 or contact me to arrange for shipping. The only charge is return shipping.

Help! I broke my piece! Can you fix it? I stand behind my work 100%, however damage to enamel may not be fixable. My materials are fragile, and must be handled with care. 

Please contact me if you have any additional questions!