Waterfall Earrings


These Waterfall Earrings are carved in wax and electroformed in your choice of sterling silver (shown) 18k gold vermeil, white/gold powder coat, transparent red, Textural Blue Enamel(shown). The unique hollow construction of the Waterfall Earring allows for the dramatic visual impact of size without the weight.

About Our 18k Gold Vermeil.
Most mass-manufactured jewelry has a thin gold “wash” that wears off over time. Our vermeil is 150 microns thick allowing for daily use without showing signs of wear. We guarantee our gem quality heavy plated vermeil!

About the Artist
Shana Kroiz is one of the country’s leading art jewelry masters. Throughout her career, Shana has educated thousands of young jewelers and promoted the growth of sculptural jewelry as a recognizable art form. Shana’s work has been shown on the runway at New York and Paris Fashion week and is in the collections of the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Museum and the Museum of Art and Design.

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